2013-0108-2 - Sunao Inami - ABOLITION TO SOLUTION 2 (CD, Album)

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Buro der mogoj abar bhalo kore chole na, shei chintai bujhiye dilam.. Ami specially Anila k dhonnobadh dite chai …. Gr8…I love the songs n enjoyed a lot thanks for enrichin the bangla song with this memorable collection..

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Like this: Like Loading December 23, at pm. Russell says:. January 9, at am. The Gothic scene is very very very very small. For visual kei bands, Takadanobaba area and Urawa narusis are good clubs. For gothic, it is difficult. There are some events in Tokyo. But almost event has fans small events. Most biggest event is fans. I hope you will feel our world and listen to our music.

Yes, I think so. We often perform at the same event. I want many Hungarians to know the Japanese un- derground scene - and we wish to play in Hungary in the near future - if they wish! I respect Georg Trakl and I took it out of his poetry. I have a huge interest in European fine arts and the aesthetic feeling of that continent.

Electronic and classical music, some jazz, some rock. I had formal classical music training. In most cases, I lay down the beats first. I take a stance by placing importance on melodies. It will feature instrumental soundscapes with voice samples. I stay up reading till late. I work in an art publishing company. I regret it very much that Tokyo is immature on both palettes. No, I have my hands full now.

I would feel empty by all means. We made acquaintance online in September Gabriel Faur, Maurice Ravel. Tord Gustavsen Trio. I might do, perhaps. I love the sounds of water and rivers! What it laxes saxophone, glocken and leads in the dark-ambient realm, it tenses it back with the slow and somewhat broken grooves of dub and hiphop.

It would be the soundtrack of Ghost Dog, if Jarmusch actually made the movie dark, without any touches of humour. DJ Krush and the word- less gods of dub could take Abend Land beside them. We would love to send Toshinori Kondo and Hijiri-san with doses of lotus flower into sensory deprivation tanks so that they could melt into the deepest pits of the human soul and could perpetu- ate it for the world.

Tokyo-based label TEKTITE brings us the kind of night music on which highway lamps draw warm patches of light streaks in a drowsy tempo and the emerging sounds lure soundtracks into the lonesome journey. We will lead you to a deeper place, states Hijiri and June behind the label, quarelling would be useless and meaningless.

The sound carpet of their three projects Abend Land, Ryugu, Qubo ranges from the seventies to the real modern, touching narrative contemporary electronica , IDM , ambient , noise and sometimes even the pulses of dub and hiphop. The piano and Jude complements each other con- trapunctively - and the flow is all silk tsunami. QUBO shows a different facet of the sentient soul. This is a. When I was in the States, every- body asked me where am I from. When I was in Japan, everybody asked me where am I from.

It is a. After a tremendous success in the united kingdom tokyo cyber-fairy threepiece psydoll is back on the scene. How much did this kind of music inspire you? Only slightly. Although the digital percussionist Uenoyama is the fan of Nine Inch Nails, he is not concerned with sound works or production.

Although Nekoi was composing many songs, she was not blessed with an opportunity to actually make them into form. One day Nekoi discovered a band, performing strange music. This was the band of Ucchi - he played the guitar and he also was an arranger of songs.

Ucchi also said he was crazy about Japanese manga. Nekoi thought this man is a little bit interesting. What do you think as a band about the Tokyo scene? How strong and well-organized is it, what should be taken care of? Why is that? Do you have a special connection to bOOth? PSYDOLL has returned to Tokyo again in December and found that the Tokyo scene was changing, making it a more interesting place than before various attractive bands had appeared.

He does not have a. If he founds. Adhering a genre purifies the scene but pure blood makes a breed weak. Reviews about you keep referring to Blade Runner - although I see no connection, only the thing you write about yourself, that you are renegade dolls, similar to Nexus 6. Please comment. Do you remember why Nexus 6 run away from the colony? Nekoi too, she just wants to live a normal life without noisy kinky J-pops, Coca Cola ads, hip pops,etc. The biggest craze about Japanese entertain- ment dolls was when news about Kyoko Date was circulating on the world wide web in but not much is known.

What kind of virtual idoru are there in Tokyo now? Kyoko was a very good girl but her joints were. The production which. Feelings are interplays of.

So machines are. It would thus be a very natural thing if people carried machines. In the old times the Japanese believed that even. From the Edo period, Japa- nese made clockwork dolls. Instead they talked to them as if they were human Nekoi thinks this is interesting. Her dad was a scientist for a company and sometimes he spoke to machines as if they were human. Nekoi then felt that they had souls. Sometimes we see scenes in Hollywood movies in which people talk to cars or super vehicles.

Nekoi loves to see such a scene. What are your favourite anime and manga of all times and what are your favourite anime and manga that were released last year?

In the latest cyberpunk anime series, Ergo Proxy, there are dolls called entourage who accompany citizens. In Innocence Koukaku Kidoutai 2 , im- plants and cybernetic prostheses are absolutely normal to life.

What do you think, how will that change human life? Where will the change begin? When will cyborgization begin in Japan and how will Japanese cyborgization be diffe- rent from that in Europe or the United States? Please share your ideas with us! When Nekoi was a small and sick child, the only electro-mechanical thing in the house was an electronic organ, but it was enough to become her best friend. UCCHI guitars. NEKOI vocals, keyboards.

Little is known about your work in the Japanese game industry. The PC game situation in Japan is very special. It was very interesting that the themes were composed before the tragedy was arranged. What genre would you prefer, how would it play, feel, look and sound like? Cyber action-RPG might be fun! Sometimes very common characters appear in a hostile manner so we have to kill them all, like hip-hoppers, hippies, rockers, sexy adult girls, annoying superiors, healthy but cheap good-looking men, gram lockers, poodles, koalas, religious people, counsellors, lawyers… We could raise pet robots in coin-operated lockers and we would also need to find other PSYDOLLs to make a new manga world.

Nekoi-chan, please, tell us about your involve- ment in the manga industry! What did manga give you in self-expression that no other style of creativity could give you? What do you think about the recent trend in putting manga to cellphones instead of reading them on paper, like tankoubon? I draw some very stupid manga illustrations. If you have some time to spare, pleae check my portfolio. I also support a manga artist called Senno.

He has been drawing since the early 80s. He draws in the basement and the manager in his studio is a model of a life-size skeleton, called Honeo- kun hone means bones. Every December he becomes a Xmas tree with lots of electric. Senno Knife had contracts with some compa- nies that distribute manga to cellular phones. I myself prefer books to digital, because I love to read manga when I am in bed.

It is very good, though, that a lot of pre-pros. How do you see the doujinshi manga scene in , what are the greatest strengths and weaknesses?

A lot of doujinshi manga artists have been pro-. Almost all characters have veeery big eyes and smaller mouths, all of them look alike. What was the most over-hyped that got too much publicity without deserving it or having enough merit or value game and music in Japan recently?

The hobbies of Japanese people keep subdivid- ing. There are two video clips on our webpage www. I want to. I also want to have. I want. Gigs — gigs. UCCHI: Various pieces of metal, machines breaking down, broken electric devices and such are set fully there. Ducts of metal of various sizes are arranged and cables are spread around like spider webs. A gloomy large stage. I want to arrange on the stage many comuters and a huge synthesizer with many connected cables. I also want to play in a makeup of monstrous creatures drawn on H.

On a tatami mat. How to play? Beating Japanese tea cups ith chopsticks. What clothes? Haramaki and Steteco Japanese. What do you listen to, read and watch nowadays? The movie was Tachiguishi retsuden, the latest movie from Mamoru Oshii, the director of Ghost in the Shell. Any new materials to release, perhaps a PV promotional video? A PV would be very nice, we hope we can make. This year we would like to make.

If your country is a beautiful place and has a good audience who is interested in Japanese robots and you know a good person who could promote PSYDOLL to your country, please contact us. What would the concert of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Miranda Sex Garden be like if they played in ivory towers spearing in abstract angles into the horizon to an audience of several thou- sands, to creatures, monsters, plush toys and lolita dolls?

Yes, it would be like PSYDOLL, the three- piece fairy-goth-roll from Tokyo, with a frame ranging from harpsichords, acoustic guitars, drum machines, electro bass to the classic Goth guitar sound - concluding in an all-encompassing vis- cous-shiny mood.

The first half of the album entitled The Daughter. Neumann which is basically the same- titled EP released in December, empha-. It is most significantly in anime and epic European animations that we experience similar continent- traversing journeys, exaggerated and shivering- adrenaline-filled fighting and self-questioning in - we could start listing series from Record of the Lodoss War through XXXHolic to Berserk.

As for the golden trial do we whistle and croon it later on during the day , it really works - the first four tracks definitely fit the status of the key track, both separately and altogether.

All of them have a unique person- ality that will grow over you in due time. BETA : Nightstalkers. Satan in High Heels mix. What was Chronotrig- ger like and what made you come up with a new name and concept? During the years that we were doing Chronotrigger, it became clearer to me what I wanted to do. Thinking about music and my work, in terms of expression and direction, I believed that it was important to become even more hardcore. In the past I was in a band called CHAPTER, but I felt that we needed a name that was more suited to the hardcore sound we were making as well as a means to start anew.

Working with him taught me a lot about programming and recording. We did a lot of shows and during that time I started thinking that I wanted to get my own project started. I wanted to create the ultimate original industrial rock band blending technology and a raw groove.

I have always admired them as musicians. And so, the search for members began. I must have auditioned more than 50 people. I put ads for band members in all the places that I could think of. But for all this effort, it was a fruitless effort. I got. I became disparaged by the overall apathy toward Japanese music and the creation of art. Those type of people are still over-. Around that time, the band that U-tarou was in disbanded. They sounded similar to bands like the pop- punk of No Doubt mixied with Stone Temple Pilots, but with stronger screaming vocals.

I felt that the sound that I was after and her screaming would make a perfect match. I wanted someone who was. Ideally I was looking for a vocalist that tran- scended the conceptions of male and female. I felt that typical male and female vocalists had. Though U-Tarou was still herself struggling with her own style, I realized her potential and invited her to be in my band.

Under the name Brain Scan Laboratory you. We will only ever promote bands and DJs. On your MySpace profile you mention that your party Junk. For some time after that, I left ads in rehearsal. Children: Slaves Midnight Riot was a night. Please tell us about the. All things aside, we cut him from the band. Thus was the beginning of Chronotrigger. We gigged around, improved our performance and our technique, and ultimately called it quits.

We did a lot of shows with shitty visual-kei bands. And yet, it continues ,. How changing, constructive and fruit- ful is your scene? How often do new bands and DJs appear? In Europe, it seems that Japanese visual-kei bands are becoming popular. Neither gothic nor industrial, they are being made. In Japan, all this attention goes to their heads and all these bands and their fashion clones and copies are putting on events every night of the week.

In Japan, these visual-kei bands. The visual-kei boom being experienced in Europe at the moment will be gone and forgotten with the next year. Most of the bands will probably no longer be actively performing. On the other hand, we are looking to cultivate the scene little by little, but still in Tokyo you get these DJs that only have CDs prepared, standing larger than life behind the decks shamelessly pumping out a badly mixed set.

It was because of this situation, that we decided to create BSL. That is the truth of Tokyo. However, there are many people in Tokyo that are after real things, myself included. We have taken upon ourselves to deliver a real sound to our listeners in the scene that we are in. We felt that it was time to make our presence. It was probably the first real industrial event in Japan.

Every band that was involved raised the crowd inspired madness in the audi- ence and the response was like nothing I had ever seen at an event. We understood that people were really looking to hear genuine hardcore industrial music. I was really moved. I felt that the audience really understood what we were trying to express on stage.

Are there Japanese or Asian influences worth mentioning? Going way back,. What do you listen to nowadays? Please tell us more about it! Digiblade kustom arts. What was the power that caused such a strong statement? How will Junk Children be continued? I think that a major factor that brought this. At each. With DSL, we will never throw together a bunch of bands with the intention of throwing a typical Saturday night party. BSL is more than just a team that organizes.

In any case, we hope people will look forward to subsequent releases from BSL. When will you release a full-length album or do you have any new releases planned? Are the new tracks in vein of the previous releases?

I hope you would look forward to this as well. What does this style give you that others, such as EBM, breakbeat, metal or jazz cannot? They are sadly mistaken. When I speak of self expression, it means creat- ing something that passes through my filters, pol-.

Because I am who I am, I could never express myslef by copying or borrowing. My music is the same way. Please tell us, what is a typical BAAL gig like, how long, harsh, hard, loud, shocking and powerful is it? In extreme terms, metal is warped by the sonic pressure and the ground quakes beneath your. Something like that. We have an industrial. We approach our live performances with complete confidence.

The Japanese industrial scene previously was only known to us through obscure movies such as Tetsuo, Akira, Burst City, etc. Simply excellent work. He possesses an amazing talent. What is the Japanese copyright system, how do you protect your copyrights? What do you think about MP3, how good it is to use file- sharing programs and for what?

In fact, we found one of our tracks that was on. The work of BAAL is not just about the music, but also the jacket design and other artwork.

When someone claims to have a BAAL release, whether single or full-length, we feel it should mean the all-inclusive package. Regarding mp3 files, I think the basic problem lies not so much in the copyright, but in the quality of the sound.

Technology is advancing with new products making our lives more convenient, but that is not making our world any more peaceful. This is a society that will need to someday come to grips with the fact that there is death and sadness all around. Mix the harshness of digital hardcore with the. However raw and industrial does BAAL sound, we. The accessible material of the band is a two-. This is what we say. We need. The two. The Wreckage: The Dead World -.

Broken in it- remix brings a slow-and-steady trip in EBM lands between Numb and Neotek, perfect for both listening and on the dancefloors. As for. If the sights of Japanese cyberpunk are Tetsuo, Akira and Ghost in the Shell, then BAAL is the new sound - it creeps through to the other end of reality and feedbacks itself back on us.

We hear them perfectly - the images are just echoing. In these times, there is a lot of information out there, but I would home that The Dose readers would search through it all to find something that they like and believe in their own feelings.

I feel that people should believe in themselves and do what they want to do. This is how we have come to where we are and we have made many friends in other countries. If that happens, we really look forward to meet- ing everyone who read about us in The Dose.

We promise you the best album and the best performance we can deliver! AcidHUMANIX infectious disease archive of the biocapturism nerve cells in the surrender-site of the living body junk feeling replicant where turned on the ill-treatment of a chemical anthropoid nightmare-script of a clone boy Tetsuo The Iron Man is disillusioned-module. Tetsuo installs the terror fear cytoplasm gene-dub of the drug fetus of the trash sense to the abolition world-codemaniacs that was processed the data mutant of my ultra machinary tragedy-ROM creature system.

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His is a writing style that not only breaks with tradition, it severs all cords, and can only really be compared to the kind of experimental writing techniques em- ployed by the Surrealists, William Bur- roughs and Antonin Artaud.

Embracing the image mayhem of the digital age, his relentless prose is nonsensical and extreme, avant-garde and confused, with precedence given to twisted imagery, pace and experimentation over linear narrative and character de- velopment. With unparalleled stylistic terrorism, he unleashes his literary attack. An unprovoked assault on the senses. ISBN Hell people this time i will talk some stuff about a mind blowing experience how will give you a direct trip to space.

I got this cd from Japan from ofcourse ebm -industrial. This tunes will blow your mind,recorded at Cave studio in Japan. The tracks and stuff lik e that where composes from Sunao Inami.

Jun 16,  · T Chaconne - Viola Bouquet 2: Chaconne (Mvt. 5) from Partita for solo violin No. 2 in D minor, BWV , versionr for viola solo, arranged by Lionel Tertis [] Chaconne (Mvt. 5) from Partita for solo violin No. 2 in D minor, BWV for viola quartet, arranged by Ichiro Nodaira [] Nobuko Imai (Viola) [also on solo version]; Roland Pöntinen (Piano); Naoko Shimizu, William Coleman.

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  1. Sunao Inami: Abolition To Solution 2 ‎ (CD, Album, Ltd) electr-ohm: Japan: Sell This Version: Sunao Inami: Abolition To Solution 1 ‎ (CD, Album, Ltd) electr-ohm: Japan: Sell This Version: Singles & EPs: Sunao Inami: - / - 2 versions: The Collection Artaud: Germany: Sell This Version: 2 versions.
  2. Abolition To Solution is a robust apocalypse of electronics that goes well beyond the confines of any one genre and explores the deep recesses of bass and beat. Sunao Inami—electronic music sculptor, founder and label operator of Japan-based Electo-ohm and a hot chili pepper farmer (believe it or not)—strives at expanding upon the limitless potential of [ ]Author: Pietro Da Sacco.
  3. ABOLITION TO SOLUTION 2 / SUNAO INAMI TCCD (CD only) 21st February Release $ (ceilivargeraftplan.quidwiddispinihungsofortwespasiteg.co Wide Shipping from Japan) 1.
  4. Sunao Inami has a huge knowledge of analog and digital synthesis and is a key figure in the field of wavetable synthesis. After playing in the post-new wave band Controlled Voltage in the early 90s, he started creating improvised electronic music. Sunao Inami: Abolition To Solution 2 ‎ (CD, Album, Ltd) electr-ohm: TCCD
  5. Download Sunao Inami songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Sunao Inami.
  6. Sunao Inami “How bow” 2. Hell people this time i will talk some stuff about a mind blowing experience how will give you a direct trip to space. I got this cd from Japan from ofcourse ebm ceilivargeraftplan.quidwiddispinihungsofortwespasiteg.co tunes will blow your mind,recorded at Cave studio in Japan.
  7. Electr-ohm label head, Cave Studio orchestrator, and resident Japan-based farmer, Sunao Inami has an abundance of broken sounds to offer with the unveiling of six—yes six—albums worth of unreleased material from tracks, minutes, and a varied mixture of cutting-edge experimental electronics in the form of IDM, industrial.
  8. Electr-Ohm Compilation Vol. 01 - Acceda a todos los álbumes de música y los mejores Temas en vídeos de Sunao Inami aqui en Frogtoon Music. Mejores Temas incluyen: Decreases, The End of Spiral, Stagnate, , The Man Who Sold The Calculator, Sleep,Dream,Optimize, Grain Blinds, An Ephemeral Thing, Farm Machines And Implements, day three, y mucho más.

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