4. Satz: Allegro Maestoso - Max Reger - Der 100. Psalm (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Verifizierter Kauf. I love Bernistein and am happy to have all his DG recordings bought box nr 2 as well. The box has Vinyl size, beautiful. What I did not like is that inside the CDs are not in smaller sub-boxes that you can put up next to your CD player cf.

Karajan boxes, Brendel boxes So basically every time you want to pick a CD, you have to open the big box, take out the booklet, think about in which of the four batches you may find it, and then finger it out. Just not practical Ich habe beide Teile der Collection gekauft und bin restlos begeistert.

Wer Leonhard Bernstein verehrt, der kann sich hier nicht verkaufen. Wenn ich meine Bernstein-Sammlung der amerikanischen und deutschen Einspielungen durchgehe und seine div. Ein grosses plus der DGG-Box. Die Wiener klingen auch in allen Konzerten besser als ihre amerikanischen Kollegen, einfach superb.

Warten auf die folgenden Collections, Schumann, Mahler-? Wonderful pack. Contains half of the records that made me dream when I was a kid. Perfect digital sound, precise copies of original covers, nice and interesting booklet. A must have. Nachdem nun meine Vorredner im Wesentlichen den Preis bzw. Durchweg eine gelungene Box. Aufnahmen bezahl habe. Noch dazu finde ich diese Box auch einen wunderbaren Hingucker. Alle Rezensionen anzeigen. Vraiment Dommage de la part d'un label comme celui-ci!

Notez que l'ensemble sonne admirablement! I already had the Sony Symphony Edition, so buying this was a no-brainer. While many of Leonard Bernstein's best recordings were the ones he did for Sony, he did far more for Deutsche Grammophon. So this set contains Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Ives and others, along with Bernstein's own compositions.

If you like his own work, this is the best way to get all of the recordings he made conducting his own compositions. And if you like Leonard Bernstein in general, you will certainly want to get this set. I'm looking forward to volume 2, which is supposed to be released in Er galt als extrem produktiv, schon zu Lebzeiten. Und trotzdem kennt das alles kein Mensch, oder jedenfalls kaum einer. Denn Raff galt als Mann des undiplomati- schen Tonfalls.

Es gibt viel zu entdecken, biografisch wie musikalisch. Produktion April im Konzerthaus Freiburg. Inwiefern kann das Grundgesetz eine gute Sache sein? Gelesen von Andreas Helgi Schmid. Am Anfang ist da nur ein Kuss. Was hat das mit ihm zu tun? Vor diesen Fragen flieht er bis nach Amerika. Neues aus Wissenschaft, Medizin, Umwelt und Bildung.

Dazu Musik, die sich vom Mainstream abhebt. Januar im "Das Wormser", Worms. Wie entsteht — und was kann eigentlich Musik? Peter Tschaikowsky: "Der Sturm" op. Michail Glinka: Polka Nr. Von Ralf Hutter. Seit Jahren streitet Deutschland um neue Hochspannungsleitungen. Januar Diese Werke sind in ihrer Einfachheit schlicht genial. Marie ist 18 — Arthur 17 Jahre alt. Marie hat gerade ihr Abitur gemacht und war danach ein paar Monate in Schweden. Arthur geht noch zur Schule. Marie und Arthur haben sich bei einem integrativen Tanzprojekt in Heidelberg kennen gelernt.

Gibt es Unterschiede beim Erwachsen-Werden mit und ohne Handicap? Was ver- bindet die beiden, was trennt sie? Choral Stream Download - Welcome to the Choral Stream Download, a handpicked, free, downloadable piece of choral music available every week for subscribers to the Choral Stream new The German-born Ms.

Beyer is one of the lesser Arioso7's Blog Shirley Kirsten. One gem turned up recently that was celebrated in my blog a few weeks ago: Gina Bach On An Overgrown Path. The Rambler. The Collaborative Piano Blog. Bourland update: July - Greetings all! As you see here, I have taken a break from blogging for a few years but I am still alive and well and still working hard. Well, truth be tol Arthaus Musik New Releases. Composition Today. From — the site has brought its members interviews, contemporary music news, concert listings, in-dep Our thanks to The Music Avant Music News.

Music and Vision. The Music Salon. Michael Lorenz. Unquiet Thoughts Alex Ross's new blog. In the festival was bloated beyond all recognition and sense due to its assimi Next weekend, on 3 and 4 October, you can log on from anywhe Iron Tongue of Midnight. To that end, violinist and cat foster Esther Abrami posted a video However, now [ Bachtrack: classical music concerts, opera, CDs, directory and more Classical music at your fingertips.

Podcast: Music by Hans Rott A legacy of powerful potential. The Land of Lost Content. This album featured the Piano Musical Assumptions. So I'm sharing a link to it here.

Kenneth Woods- conductor. He died today at the age of Naxos New Releases. This feed has moved and will be deleted soon. Please update your subscription now. Update Your Feed Reader Now. Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog.

Incredibly Useful Exercises for Double Bass — an overview - The way that Dennis Whittaker approaches the bass resonates so strongly with me. Art for art's sake. The Omniscient Mussel. Nico Muhly. Multivariate Life. Find out more from the following link: The Red Book vor 8 Monaten.

CD Reviews - Naxos. Les Introuvables de Nereffid. The End. That's because of the usual sorts of reasons why people stop blogging. Revolutionizing Children's Records. Startling Moniker. For someone like me, who ha Renewable Music. The Complete WZ - Composer Walter Zimmermann has greatly expanded his website, under his own Beginner Press label, with loads of scores and recordings, here.

High recommend WGBH News. As always, be sure to peruse the rest of the site while you're there. The Standing Room. Links for [del. Harmonia Mundi UK Distribution. Disk 15 von Symphony No. Feierlich, Misterioso Edition: Leopold Nowak 1. Bewegt, lebhaft - Trio. Schnell Edition: Leopold Nowak 2. Langsam, feierlich Edition: Leopold Nowak 3. Langsam, feierlich Edition: Leopold Nowak. Adagio For Strings, Op. Disk 17 von Symphony No. Molto moderato Original Version 1. Allegro molto Original Version 2.

Andantino quasi allegretto Original Version 3. Molto deliberato Fanfare; Allegro risoluto Original Version 4. Molto deliberato Fanfare; Allegro risoluto Original Version. Prologue Original Version 1.

Dance Original Version 2. Interlude Original Version 3. Burlesque Original Version 4. Epilogue Original Version 5.

Epilogue Original Version. Gigues Original Version 1. Rondes de printemps Original Version 3. Rondes de printemps Original Version. Par les rues et par les chemins 2. Les parfums de la nuit 2. Jeux de vagues Original Version 2. Dialogue du vent et de la mer Original Version 3. Dialogue du vent et de la mer Original Version. Disk 20 von Symphony No. Adagio - Allegro molto Original Version 1. Largo Original Version 2.

Scherzo Molto vivace Original Version 3. Allegro con fuoco Original Version 4. Allegro con fuoco Original Version. Disk 21 von Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. Adagio ma non troppo Original Version 2. Finale Allegro moderato Original Version 3. Finale Allegro moderato Original Version. Disk 22 von Variations on an Original Theme, Op. L'istesso tempo Original Version Variation 1. Allegro Original Version Variation 2.

Allegretto Original Version Variation 3. Allegro di molto Original Version Variation 4. Moderato Original Version Variation 5. Ysobel Andantino Original Version Variation 6. Troyte Presto Original Version Variation 7. Allegretto Original Version Variation 8.

Nimrod Adagio Original Version Variation 9. Allegro di molto Original Version Variation Andante Original Version Variation Finale: E. Allegro - Presto Original Version. Pomp and Circumstance March No. Lento - Allegro ma non troppo - Allegro Original Version 1. Allegretto Original Version 2. Allegro non troppo Original Version 3.

Allegro non troppo Original Version. Symphony No. Allegro vivo Original Version 1. Vivace Original Version 3. Disk 25 von Symphony No. Adagio - Allegro Original Version 1. Menuetto Allegretto Original Version 3. Finale Allegro con spirito Original Version 4.

Finale Allegro con spirito Original Version. Adagio - Allegro spiritoso Original Version 1. Menuet Allegretto Original Version 3. Presto Original Version 4. Presto Original Version. Disk 26 von Symphony No. Adagio - Vivace assai Original Version 1. Menuet Allegro molto Original Version 3. Finale Allegro di molto Original Version 4.

Finale Allegro di molto Original Version. Sinfonia concertante in B flat, H. Allegro con spirito Original Version 3. Chor: "Stimmt an die Saiten" Erster Teil Disk 29 von Symphony No. Largo - Vivace Original Version 1. Menuetto Allegro Original Version 3. Missa In Tempore Belli "paukenmesse", Hob. Engelkonzert Original Version 1. Grablegung Original Version 2. Versuchung des heiligen Antonius Original Version 3. Versuchung des heiligen Antonius Original Version.

Turandot Scherzo Original Version 2. Andantino Original Version 3. Marsch Original Version 4. Marsch Original Version. Disk 31 von Symphony No. Andante moderato Original Version 1. Allegro Original Version 2. Adagio cantabile Original Version 3. Lento maestoso Original Version 4. Allegro molto vivace Original Version 5. Allegro molto vivace Original Version. Disk 32 von A Faust Symphony, S. Faust Original Version 1. Gretchen Original Version 2. Disk 33 von Mefistofele original version 1 Preludio Prologue 2 Ave, Signor degli angeli e dei santi!

Prologue 4 Siam nimbi volanti dai limbi Prologue 5 Salve Regina! Disk 34 von Symphony No. Schleppend Original Version 2 2. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen Original Version 4 4. Disk 35 von Symphony No. TempoI 2: Andante moderato. Disk 36 von Symphony No. Disk 37 von Symphony No. Entscheiden Part 1 2 1. Nicht eilen Part 1 7 1. Entscheiden Part 2 10 2. Wie im Anfang Part 2 12 2. Tempo di Menuetto Part 2 13 3.

Ohne Hast Part 2 14 3. Mit geheimnisvoller Hast Part 2 17 3. Disk 38 von Symphony No. Sehr langsam. Misterioso ppp - "O Mensch!

Gib acht" Part 2 2 4. Lustig im Tempo und keck im Ausdruck: "Bimm Bamm. Es sungen drei Engel" Part 2 4 6. Empfunden Part 2 5 6. Ruhevoll Part 2 7 6. Tempo I Part 2. Disk 39 von Symphony No. Ohne Hast Original Version 3 3. Ruhevoll Poco adagio Original Version 4 4. Disk 40 von Symphony No. Trauermarsch In gemessenem Schritt. Wild - Tempo I 2 2. Adagietto Sehr langsam Original Version 5 5. Rondo-Finale Allegro Original Version.

Aug 18,  · 4 Romantic Pieces, Op. 75, B. No. 2, Allegro maestoso. 0lWNPJEcaoDQECp5dokW1Y 0lWxjMVCrpsvF7ERPQ2cnS Germanico: Aria "Ne' miei trionfi con bella gara" - Germanico 0lXOn4OtYkHrucjPep2NPb Dear Irish Boy - Traditional Traditional,Eileen Ivers,Brian Keane Eileen Ivers 0liYIWx5VBbNcX8IZCK8Ly Healing Rain 0lwJR6zNRRckTYrCBYXVV0 Má Vlast, .

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  1. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Max Reger: Der Psalm; Der Einsiedler; Requiem (Hebbel) - on AllMusic.
  2. Label: MPS Records - 20 ,BASF - 20 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue • Country: Germany • Genre: Classical • Style: Romantic Max Reger, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Der Gemischte Chor Des Nürnberger Lehrergesangvereins, Organ*, Conductor* - Der
  3. Psalm , 2 / Psalm 2. Psalm 23 / Psalm 2, 3. Psalm / Psalm , 1 Allegro non troppo - Cadenza: Max Reger 2. Adagio 3. Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace - Poco più presto 4. Lento maestoso 5. Allegro molto vivace The Gong On The Hook And Ladder Or Firemen's Parade On Main Street Tone Roads No
  4. Der letzte Satz ist Allegro (un poco scherzando) überschrieben, aber der schlendernde Charakter seiner Anfangsmelodie zeigt, dass Reger dem Finale von Brahms’ Cellosonate op. 99 (in der gleichen Tonart) genau zugehört hatte. Das kontrastierende Material besitzt jedoch einen deutlichen „Scherzo“-Aspekt—lebhaft und spielerisch.
  5. Allegro non troppo - Cadenza: Max Reger (Original Version) 1. Allegro non troppo - Cadenza: Max Reger (Original Version) Adagio Tempo der Einleitung (1. Satz) 8. Allegro come prima (1. Satz) 4. Allegro vivacissimo - Allegro maestoso assai (Original Version)4/5(7).
  6. Abbado Conducts Schubert - Claudio Abbado Schubert: Symphonies Nos. (Complete) Chamber Orchestra of Europe Grand Duo Sonata in C major, D Incidental music to Rosamunde, D Mass No. 6 in E flat major, D Mass No. 2 in G major, D - 8 CD set!
  7. Allegro con spirito TRACKLIST Max Reger () Complete String Quartets CD 1 73'32 Quartet in D minor (/89) 24'53 (1) Allegro energico 10'42 (2) Adagio 7'20 (3) Finale»Aufschwung«* 6'51 Quartet op. 54 No. 1 in G minor 27'25 (4) Allegro agitato 11'31 (5) Vivace assai 3'04 (6) Largo mesto 6'51 (7) Prestissimo assai 5'59 Quartett op.
  8. TRACKLIST Max Reger () Violin Sonata op. in E minor 37'07 [1] Moderato 12'04 [2] Vivace 4'28 [3] Adagio 8'17 [4] Allegro espressivo 12'18 Suite for Violin and Piano op. a in A minor 25'28 [5] Präludium. Grave 5'41 [6] Gavotte.

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