Carolyn Waits - Lies / This Christmas Holiday (Vinyl)

Frankie Valli. Add to Cart. The Contours. Bruce Springsteen. Percy Sledge. Luther Ingram. The Four Seasons. Al Green. Lenny Kravitz. Sheena Easton. The last shot of the movie, however, is Howard's long-suffering wife, who's disappointed in the way he neglected his family in favor of his job as a mattress salesman, asking what he got her. This leads to a comedy take from Schwarzenegger, but if the camera had stayed on that couple for five more minutes, audiences would've witnessed the complete dissolution of a marriage, and a conversation about whether they could stay in their loveless union until Jamie left for college.

If you haven't seen it in a while, you probably remember Gizmo and some crazy violent stuff with the gremlins and some people, but nothing the kids couldn't handle, right? But it's not the ultra violence or gremlin in a blender that kids shouldn't see, it's the other big big spoiler that they If you don't remember Phoebe Cates characters' motivation for hating Christmas , she spells it out, with the clearest language that even an elementary school student could understand.

Her father died in a horrific accident, and also that's how she found out Santa Claus wasn't real. Don't be fooled by the PG rating and the cute Mogwai; this ain't for the littles. Miracle On 34th Street and It's A Wonderful Life both share the universal message of faith and hope, only 34th Street also conveys the touching edict that the U.

Outside of that last thing, the movie is actually a super-positive flick that brings a smile to your face the entire time, right? Well, not entirely. Early in the film, Kris Kringle meets a young girl missing her two front teeth.

The adult with her explains that the girl speaks Dutch only because she was an orphan in Rotterdam who recently arrived in the United States compliments of the nice lady who adopted her. So what did the girl ask for? Two front teeth? A pony? According to Destination Hollywood , she asked for nothing. If you don't think Trading Places is a Christmas movie, that's on you. What do you think all the lights are there for, Arbor Day? There's a lot of zany stuff, plus stock manipulation which was legal at the time , but there's one scene that you should remember but probably don't.

Late in the film, Murphy, Aykroyd, et al are about to be foiled on a train by the Duke brothers' muscle. And there's a gorilla on the train because if you can think of a better way to transport a live gorilla than a passenger train the world is listening.

As luck would have it, a passenger on the train played by Jim Belushi enters the train car in a gorilla suit as the Deus ex machina, hijinks ensue, and the bad guy gets knocked out, thrown in the gorilla suit, and put in the cage with the real gorilla.

Later, two baggage handlers come in and agree to allow the two gorillas to have some fun since it's New Year's Eve. They figure one of the gorillas is the female, but it's actually the human one. By the way, one of the actors who played a baggage handler that let the assault go forth?

Future U. Senator Al Franken. Not every Christmas special can be as beloved as Rudolph or Charlie Brown. As you might expect from a cartoon tasked with building a narrative from a game about eating dots in a maze while being hunted by ghosts, the series took a lot of liberties with the source material, and when it came time to talk about Christmas, they accidentally revealed something truly harrowing about Pac-Man and his world.

It's a pretty simple plot: After getting into a high-speed chase where they're almost murdered, Pac-Man and his family encounter Santa Claus, whose sleigh was brought down in a midair collision with the ghosts as they flee the scene of the car crash. With Santa and the Reindeer injured, Pac-Man has to go searching for his bag of toys and cure the reindeer by feeding them the glowing orbs that give him the ability to devour ghosts. He does, and Christmas is saved.

The weird part, if this thing can be said to have only one weird part, is that Pac-Man, his family, the ghosts, and all the other residents of Pac-Land have no idea what Christmas is.

That's not that unusual in and of itself. Start thinking about it, though, and the answer becomes clear: a place that only a Saint can travel to, full of people defined by gluttony, where the souls of the dead can't leave and must remain as ghosts, and where no one has ever heard of Christmas or Jesus Christ?

Pac-Land is Hell, folks, where damned souls must toil in a never-ending maze. Bill Murray is a bit of a legend in modern society, a guy you'd love to run into at a bar or a Cubs game and just pal around with. But in the mid- to late '80s, he was more of an ensemble actor, a funny guy who couldn't carry a film himself.

Murray is known as a fellow who takes his movies very seriously, which has led to a few run-ins with fellow actors and friends. There's probably a long list of people who'd love to pop him in the kisser.

The rest of the story unfolds as a comedy-drama that surprisingly works. Naturally, Murray must run into three "ghosts" to help him deal with his issues. AC on July 22, at am. Must be nice to have more paid holidays than private sector workers. Christopher Rees on July 22, at pm. Val on July 23, at am. And how are our children brain…. We are now going to repeat the mistakes of the past, again. Edward Michael Goldyn on July 23, at am.

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He bursts in and sees Sandy's Christmas tree, which she has just hooked up with lights, and mistakes it for a fire. After SpongeBob attempts to put out the "fire", Sandy asks if he's ever seen a Christmas tree before, and finds that he actually doesn't even know what Christmas is. She begins to describe the festive holiday to SpongeBob, who is very interested.

Krabs , Patrick and Squidward all about Christmas and everything that Sandy had said about it. He concludes by saying that if you write a letter to Santa Claus , he'll give you gifts on Christmas Day. Patrick and Mr. Krabs are very enthusiastic about the idea, while Squidward grumpily refuses. SpongeBob soon gets the entire city of Bikini Bottom interested in Christmas, and they all write letters to Santa.

SpongeBob then builds a device that shoots the wish lists placed inside bottles to the surface of the ocean so Santa can get to them.

Everyone then begins to decorate Bikini Bottom for Santa's arrival, much to Squidward's annoyance.

Holiday / Seasonal + Classical + Doo Wop + Disco + Latin + Easy Listening + Browse: Vinyl LPs Browse: 7" Vinyl / 45s Browse: 12" Vinyl. 48, Results Page 1. Grid View List View. Merry Christmas Baby / War (7" Vinyl / 45) TOP Bestseller.

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  1. Vinyl and CD Discography; 3 Releases 3 Singles & EPs 1 Appearances 1 Compilations Add Release; Data Quality. New. 4 submissions pending; 1 – 3 of 3. Sort. Show. Singles & EPs: F Sandy* And Carolyn* Music By Carolyn Waits: Lies / This Christmas Holiday.
  2. Carolyn Waits with The Sensational Wonders, music by Sandy Stanton -- Silly Symphony Band (George Haas) / Carolyn Waits, music by Sandy Stanton's Panics -- Don't Teep Me Tanding (Bud Hall) vocal: Carolyn Waits, music by Sandy Stanton & His Orchestra & Chorus -- Christmas Holiday (Connie Hampton) / Lies (Hampton-Solovay-Orland).
  3. Aug 27,  · With more and more music released each year, it's a near-impossible task to keep track of everything that's coming. From pop to hip-hop to alternative to K-pop to country, the choices made Author: Bryan Kress.
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  6. Dec 19,  · The holidays are fully upon us, and the older I get, the more curmudgeonly I seem to become. At times I really can be like that mean old Mr. Grinch, completely perplexed by those bright lights and annoying sounds of holiday’t get me wrong, I love holiday lights as much as the next person, within reason, as they do add so much warmth into what is .
  7. Dec 07,  · Carolyn, Happy holidays! I hope the season brings you bacon pants and holiday balls aplenty. If all goes right, I will be 8 weeks pregnant at X-mas. My first prenatal appointment is a week later on Jan 2. I'm having trouble deciding if I want to spill the beans to my immediate family while we're all together or wait for the all clear from the Dr.
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