Et War Eemol Vru Laanger Zeit ..

Now we have finished the design of the gameplay and the contradictory points, and we have designed the map that would suit 50 players at the same time with reasonable strategic spots.

We are adjusting the game performances nowadays, hope to launch our game soon this year. Intro and gameplay videos of multiplayer modes is now on our page! Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

Greenlight is being retired. For more information on how to submit games to steam, refer to this blog post. It is only visible to you. File came from en-wiki but it was deleted on en-wiki because there permission was not valid. There are free files of this band available on Commons.

Pro -- Jamcelsus , The file has been nominated for deletion since April 9. But the missing original author could be a problem. It could be own work however. Deleted per above. Les Meloures , 2. These three files are uploaded by Benutzerin:Anne. She is a photographer by Jugendherbergszentral. The three photos are uploaded with the comment that the photographer is unknown. So what do you think? Do we need the pictures? Do we trust that photographer gave permission?

Copyright unsure. They are unused and it is not likely they will ever be used. Today locations are often not shown with maps like this but with a "dot" on a blank map. Also many of the files are low resolution so if a map is needed in the future someone could just pick a high res map from Commons and modify that. Deleted -- MGA73 , 4.

Wiki ginn! Another unfinished discussion is files with non commercial license. I think it would be a violation of the WFM resolution not to delete these files. The resolution allows free files and fair use. Nothing else. So I think it is important that a solution is found soon. And retagging FU? Cos if I would upload those again, with my short memory I do not remember the original license and hence as non-author I could use FU - of course only where c.

The file was nominated to deletion in May because the license is "Frai fir all Wikipedia" and that is not a valid license. I think that the file should be deleted and replaced with a free file.

But of the result of this deletion request is "keep for now" I have created Schabloun:Do not move to Commons to add on the file. We should avoid to have files nominated for deletion for many weeks or months so files that are not ok but will not be deleted should have for example this template instead. I think that every file should with the same license should be checked one by one and the template should only be added if the file is important for the article and it is not possible to replace it.

Pro -- Pecalux , 2. It should be possible to replace the files with free files from Commons to illustrate Rugby. Pro D'Informatioun ass jo well am Palace , awer ouni 'Reckinger'. De Kinos-Reckinger? PPP Diskussioun , This file is unused Spezial:Onbenotzt Biller. Unless someone thinks it is usable I suggest that we delete the file. This file is unused Spezial:Onbenotz Biller.

Not sure it is PD because there is no info about age. Fichier:Seelbunn Zell am Seew. This also means never put all your possessions in one ship, and don't fit expensive modules unless you can easily afford to replace them.

It is important firstly that you know how to identify war targets. We would recommend reading our short page on Identifying War Targets in Local which will help you set up your screen in a way that you can instantly see if there are any war targets in the system with you.

Systems which have a lot of pilots in will normally have a lot of war targets, both because there are a higher number of people in general and also because there are more targets for them to aggress. This means that trade hubs especially Jita, Amarr, Dodixie and Rens can be very dangerous and we recommend avoiding them at all times on your EVE University character.

To enable you to have easy access to the market you may want to consider making another character on the same account to fly an industrial ship and haul things for you. If you leave that character in an NPC corp they will not be at war though they will not be guaranteed to be safe, as mentioned above so it will be safer to visit a trade hub.

We have a page on Creating an Alt Hauler which will explain the process and the basic skills needed. Alternatively if you are based in the high sec , low sec , null sec or Solitude campuses you can make use of your campus' freighter service to move things from a trade hub for you for free.

See the campus wiki pages for more information. EVE University has no restrictions on what ships members are allowed to fly while we are at war. But there are a few ships which are particularly vulnerable to attack. For example:. When deciding what ship to fly, consider what you will be doing. If you will be traveling it is sensible to fly a fast ship, like a fast frigate , or alternatively a cheap ship like a shuttle or corvette. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

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A wiki for the game European War Series developed by EasyTech Inc. Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it. European War Wiki edited by Antonovsky European War Wiki edited by Antonovsky Snapshot Click the edit button, and then the Add a picture button. You can add a photo from your computer, or from .

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  1. War Situation (1 of 2) From EVE University Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Missions; Mission Reports Security Reports Distribution Reports Mining Reports. Mission Guides Security Guide Distribution Guide Mining Guide. Special Missions COSMOS Epic Arcs Anomic Research Data Center Faction Warfare.
  2. I am a historian of the First World War and was the recipient of a month Visiting Professorship at the University of Kent, from August to July Mark Connelly, who invited me, is an expert on British society and the First World War who has written on the war in film, in memory and ritual; on the British Army; and on the Imperial.
  3. The war can be ended either when the seven day timer expires and the war is not renewed by the aggressing corporation, or by either corporation sending a formal "surrender offer" of ISK and the other corporation accepting. Why EVE University is at war. EVE University is almost always at war, because we have a lot of members.
  4. Jan 28,  · As a Protestant Brandenburg / Prussia and soon to be Germany I would like to become the HRE Emperor. I vassalized three of the Electors and also was the leader of the protestant union (until my ruler died with heir being five) but as it currently is the Catholic League is maybe 3x stronger than my side. Will they give me my leadership back once Regency is over?
  5. EWAR = Best War. TMC Archives A wise man once (very nearly) said ‘EWAR, huh, yeah! What is it good for?’. Well, to my mind the answer is simple – it’s good for making your target’s day worse than it was just a moment or two before.
  6. May 01,  · Synthom - Es war ne schöne Zeit - Duration: OnKeLzGiRl85 10, views. Eyes Of The Tiger (Rocky Balboa) - Survivor - Duration: .
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