Hexbreaker II

With each time the cat goes under the ladder you move further up. The game ends if you fail to move up a rung. At that point you will collect your winnings and move on. The broken mirror symbol triggers the Mirror Mirror bonus round. You need to land four or more of these symbols on an activated payline to access this game. To start, you will be faced with 13 mirrors. You need to choose five to break.

Behind each one is a prize. The total amount of money behind the mirrors is what you win. When this happens, the screen becomes light with good luck symbols while the payouts are increased for all wins. In addition, the player can get the free spin feature retriggered.

The player can get this by having three or more matching bonus symbols during any free spin to get ten more free spins. The player can get up to spins off of one bonus round alone. The highest possible payout on this slot is good for tens of thousands off coins thanks to the MultiWay Xtra feature. This allows the player to potentially get some huge totals from the game thanks to how the player can get more payouts off of as many lines on the game as possible. Again, the payouts are better when the multiplier works when more of the same symbol appears on a single winning reel.

The excitement of the Hexbreaker 2 video slot from Netent is something that makes this game a fun one to play along with. This game has a good design that gives the player a chance to get a big payout.

I absolutely loved him from the moment he was introduced. He is kind-hearted and sweet. He just wants to make up for the wrong he thinks he has done in his past. I love how he was determined to make Cicero fall for him. Cicero took me a while to warm up to. He's definitely a CAT in all sense of the word. And I'm not a cat person My gentle giant deserves better. But he finally gets his head out of his ass and grew on me.

When the other shoe dropped, I wanted to throat punch him again! My poor Tom. But he quickly realizes the error of his ways and while he's not my favorite, I kinda like him. I love this world Hawk has created. It's a mix of paranormal and historical. She is truly a talented author and I'm looking forward to more in this series as well as her others. View all 10 comments. Confession, I did not remember anything from The 13th Hex , which is the prequel of this new series :p.

However, I had no problem immersing myself with this novel at all!! Definitely a new series to follow from Jordan L. I thought it was very interesting world-built -- witches and their familiars, New York City in the end of 's, magic and hexes I tend to have good record with urban fantasy series that involved witches so I was really excited with this one. I lov Confession, I did not remember anything from The 13th Hex , which is the prequel of this new series :p. I loved that Tom blew away all of Cicero's initial perceptions -- it was very entertaining to read.

That Tom was nothing like what Cicero has in mind, that he was noble and kind. Cicero was flamboyant enough for the two of them hey, he was a cat after all! I enjoyed reading their relationship bloomed and how they worked together to find who was responsible behind the hex that made people murderous. I heard that each book in this series will have different couples Owen Yates, the forensic hexman, is next!!

All those other familiars and their animal shapes are just too good not to take center stage May 16, Kaje Harper rated it really liked it Shelves: light , m-m , mystery , fantasy. This is the first complete novel in a new series by Jordan Hawk. You don't have to read the short prequel first, but I think it adds some world-building that would make this story clearer, and it adds to the pleasure of meeting the first couple again here, as we follow a new pair of MCs.

Tom Halloran is one of the few truly honest beat cops, in a quasi-historical New York where hex-magic is commonplace, sold on corners and in shops, used by everyone including the police. Tom's stellar ethics are This is the first complete novel in a new series by Jordan Hawk. Tom's stellar ethics are a bit ironic, because he's hiding a secret illegal past life.

But he was young at the time, and pulled in by family ties, and cut loose by disaster. In the aftermath, he's fashioned himself into the man he's always wanted to be.

He's also hidden a rare magic talent, because he can't see any good use of it that wouldn't expose him. Cicero is a cat-shifter familiar, who so far has not met the witch he was destined to bond with.

As an unclaimed familiar, he's a tempting property for any witch looking to augment their powers. So far, the police department has protected him as one of their own, but his time to stay unbonded is running short. He'd have been thrilled, in his realization that Tom is his witch, if the man wasn't large, rough-hewn, ignorant, unlettered, probably bigoted, and everything a cat disdains. He's not sure whether being linked with Tom, as instinct demands, wouldn't be worse than some other random witch who would at least know what poetry was.

Two similar murder cases force these two men to work together. Cicero has to make a life-changing decision soon. Tom's past may be catching up with him, his safety may depend on a vain and oddly hostile familiar. And there's not much time for either of them to figure it out. I enjoyed this story with imaginative world-building, some fun animal-shifter moments, and an exciting plot.

I didn't connect with Cicero on an emotional level as much as I have other main characters by this author including Tom but he was very amusing to watch. I had a few issues with the magical worldbuilding and plot.

When I set those aside, it was a fun, light-weight story with a lot of action, that made a fast, entertaining read. May 10, Kade Boehme rated it it was amazing. Effing glorious. Every word. Apr 05, Ariana rated it it was amazing Shelves: lgbtq , fantasy-paranormal.

Sometimes great things happen when you do not expect it! I was not sure whether this would really tickle my fancy, I mean - cat shifters, witches and the lot? But YES, it certainly appealed to me, no A chapter in and I was hooked. Fascinating world building, an immediate jump into the plot and excellent characters just sucked me in!

I really enjoyed how Ms Hawk just drops us into this world and lets us find our way round slowly, as we untangle wh Sometimes great things happen when you do not expect it! I really enjoyed how Ms Hawk just drops us into this world and lets us find our way round slowly, as we untangle what's what along the way! And who on earth could possibly resist Cicero? Sleek, flamboyant and seductive. And yet so hurt and insecure, he won't let anyone come near him.

He is just screaming out for someone to feel safe with. And Tom does just that. Tall, built like a brick, but inherently kind and thoughtful he takes the wind out of Cicero's sarcastic sails and surprises him again and again by being the good man he is. Even if he has a very dark secret. One that threatens to destroy everything the two men have built. Cicero and Tom are just delightful together, and I really enjoyed the way they related to each other. Tom's firsts also put a misty-eyed smile on my face.

The detective type of plot was really well done and came together dramatically at the end, as is tradition. Some loose ends remain, no douct for a second book! I'm certainly all in! Highly recommended! View all 7 comments. I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Oh My Goodness. This book is everything. Hawk is one of the best authors out here. I haven't read a bad book yet, and don't think I will ever!!! Her world building and character building is so thorough. I love all of her characters and her concepts are some of my favorite for paranormal.

It's a subject that I like reading about. This book I felt l I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This book I felt like the world building was so easily understood and it just flowed easily.

I loved the characters, the plot, and the easy feel of it being a Historical Fiction book. I think I was cheesing the entire time reading this. Both characters were fabulous. I enjoyed Tom alot. He did his own thing and his own way. I loved how he thought things through and didn't rush into anything for anyone, including Cicero.

I'm not a cat person at all. Cicero is definitely a cat person. He's finicky, pampered, loyal, and a tad selfish but I really enjoyed him. From the novella when he was just Rook's partner I knew it was something special about the guy who didn't like water. He needed his outward appearance to stay sharp and always seemed to be spoiled and number 1. I got all of this just off reading about him and hearing what he has to say. Tom and Cicero being thrown together was magical in my eyes.

Two completely different guys with different ways but so much in common when it matters. From the very beginning I thought they were attuned with each other. The mystery and clues that popped felt like little snacks t me. I couldn't figure out where we were going with the story. I enjoyed Tom's history and seeing his life come full circle. I can't give away the plot, but we all know Jordan is wonderful with the plot and the coupling because they were hot.

On fire almost. I might have needed a fan by these two. I enjoyed this story alot. Loved the elements of New York and just seeing the history on page. I might have been confuse but I kept reading. I'm not so sure I know who's responsible, but that could have been me trying to soak it all up so fast. I can't wait to see what happens next in this world. Read the book people, this author rocks and is consistently great with her work. Hawk's Hexworld series. I don't know why I waited.

But I need to fangirl a bit - it is a Jordan L. Hawk book, after all. Hawk's twist on fated mates was welcome and unique. Each familiar has a witch with whom they make the strongest magic, but it's no "join or die". I have realized that I prefer when an Despite my utter and unabashed obsession with Whyborne and Griffin, I waited to delve into Jordan L.

I have realized that I prefer when an author makes me believe that the couple needs to be together because they want to be together. Hawk made me believe.

For many readers, cat shifter Cicero who epitomizes La Vie Boheme was the star. But I was partial to Tom. Something about a gruff and gentle giant just gets me. He was as admirable in his attempts to right past wrongs as he was adorable. Cicero was more elusive and even fickle at times, and I was slower to warm to him. I guess that I'm a dog person when it comes to both pets and fictional characters.

But as usual, Hawk made me root for him. Also as usual - Hawk's storytelling is imaginative, with vibrant characters, engaging plot twists and turns, and exquisite writing. Hexbreaker was a delight, and I highly recommend it. View all 14 comments. I loved every book by Jordan L. Hawk that I've read so far. Every one of them is so good and this is not exception. The care and diligence, the painstaking way she spins her story and creates new universe is amazing.

The characters are always diverse, the mystery keeps you guessing and the end is always thrilling and you want to read more. This is a story about witches and their familiars. I love reading about magic but this hex magic is a new avenue for me. And witches working for police? So co I loved every book by Jordan L. So cool! Cicero, a cat familiar who does not have a witch, is cocky, arrogant and assumes way too much. Betting configurations in the Hexbreaker 2 free slot machine are flexible, meaning that you can place from 1 to 50 coins value on each of the 50 lines of the machine.

A total of paylines, powered by Multiway Xtra technology is an essential part that allows gamblers to win regularly.

The winning combinations of this pokie are countless, ranging from the highest-paying symbols, such as the Hexbreaker logo and A Black Cat, to the winnings obtained from bonus game modes. The RTP of this machine is The only way to increase your chances of winning is to bet on all lines.

There are two types of extra spins. The first one is the extra spin option embedded into the settings. The second category is more peculiar since it is provided from the side of the online gambling platforms.

Almost all online casinos are now generous enough to appeal to players due to the free spins.

The Hexbreaker 2 online slot features MultiWay Xtra, meaning that wins are paid out from right to left as well as from left to right. The reel set might look unusual – we’re talking about that symmetrical shape that IGT prefers – but the potential for success knows no bounds here.

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  1. Jun 15,  · The Hexbreaker 2 slot by IGT with a total of 5 reels paylines operates on the hexagon structure, which makes this game by IGT an amusing machine in comparison with other free pokies. You can play this game for fun, at the same time enjoying peculiar bonuses offered by the Freeslotshub/5.
  2. Jan 04,  · Playing & Earning Hexbreaker 2 Slot There are 5 reels, variable lines, and the custom Multiway Xtra payline structure. This implies that the prize combinations can be made from the coordinating images beginning from the left-hand side or the right-hand side; yes, wins can be scored on both sides here!4/5(8).
  3. Hexbreaker 2 Take a seat in front of Hexbreaker 2 to experience a journey of dark & light, the timeless balance of yin & yang. This updated favorite flips the superstition script from black cats, broken mirrors, the number 13 during regular game play to ladybugs, 4-leaf clovers, white cats and lucky horseshoes in the bonus round.
  4. Play Hexbreaker II, a Slot machine with ways to win, and use the winning power of the MultiWay Xtra feature, typical for many IGT games. Meet a black cat, have a meeting with Karma, and other breathtaking meets that will change your life and your pecuniary situation, in free play/5(2).
  5. Hexbreaker 2 an online slot from IGT, themed on the mysteries of luck. This slot features symbols related to good and bad fortune, such as horseshoes, cats and four-leafed clovers. There are also wild symbols, scatters, bonus free spins and an incredible ways to win!4/5(1).
  6. The Hexbreaker 2 slot machine is a popular title of G This machine makes a great addition to your game room floor. IGT G23 The IGT G23 slot machine is a beautiful dual 23″ video slot with a huge theme library to choose from.
  7. Hexbreaker 2 is a 5 reel, ways to win, video slot that has some standard slot features combined with icons that punters would associate with bad luck. These include crows, upside down horseshoes, broken mirrors, black cats, and the number
  8. If that's true – it's time to play "Hexbreak3r 2" an online slot game from IGT in which you can banish all those unlucky symbols from your life and then replace them with lucky symbols.

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