If This Rap Shit Dont Pay - Ciecmate - Pre-Emptive Strike (CD, Album)

In , Texas-Jerusalem was finally released—by Bella Union—to critical acclaim and modest commercial success…in England. So if anything approaches that, it pisses them off.

Good art exists in and of itself. If it takes America 15 or 20 years, I could give a fuck. Sort of like Use Your Illusion. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Makes me want to rip someone's arms off and senselessly beat them into a pulp with said arms.

A truly tremendous album! William Forrister. The UK band bring the wild "Saturnian Black Magick" of their live shows to a full-length rooted in the Swedish black metal tradition. Explore music. Whatever Forever by Oozing Wound. Jason Strange band here for sure. It's nice to see bands can still do something new, and their sound, at least on this album, is quite enjoyable Favorite track: Rambo 5 Pre-Emptive Strike.

BakCristal Saw them live in Antwerp. Hooked instantly. Salt Keep it up fellas! It's rare that I can listen to an album all the way through and thoroughly enjoy every track.

You've nailed it on this one. New drummer was a good choice. Favorite track: Diver. Camryn Marquez. Camryn Marquez This band's sound is really interesting to me, because for a thrash metal band, they have a pretty bass-heavy and sludgy sound. But guitar tone aside, these guys know the power of excellently crafted riffs. This album is cinematic by virtue of the virtuosity of the guitar licks on display. Favorite track: Tachycardia. John Chaos Alexander. Ben Aigboboh.

Gina Redman. David Roque. Timothy Faust. For other uses, see Preemptive strike disambiguation. DJ Shadow. Instrumental hip hop trip hop.

Davis Shawn Phillips. Retrieved September 14, Retrieved September 5, Chicago Tribune. Science Fiction: Pro-choice. My girl and I were talking about it a while back and she told me that interestingly enough, the majority of people who are in those picket lines outside of abortion clinics are actually men.

Kind of odd, since they never actually have to have children themselves. MVRemix: Death Penalty - for or against? I would probably be screaming bloody murder. MVRemix: Where were you on Sept. How did you deal with it? How do you think it has affected or will affect hip-hop? Typical college student, I woke up probably around noon, all late. The first plane had already hit I think. I got out of bed, signed on to okayplayer. It took a while for everything to sink in.

Then I joined the throng of people walking aimlessly…dialing friends and loved ones in New York. With no reply. It was surreal. People were literally heading for the hills. MVRemix: How do you feel about the state of America these days? Seriously though, America is a nation with some deep-seeded issues.

An outsider on the inside looking around? The grass is not always that much greener on the other side though. You just kind of have to make do with what you have, and do your part to build a better tomorrow. MVRemix: What do you think hip-hop needs these days? There is a lot of dope stuff out there, but as a whole.

As far as what it needs, it just needs people to be themselves. MVRemix: What was the worst hip-hop fad? Anything Ja Rule has done comes to mind. Nelly comes to mind too. You know what was a funny fad though? Those Africa medallions they had in the 80s. How come no one who actually lived in Africa had those! I guess cats over in the states thought they were authentic African joints. I still kind of want one actually. I missed that whole phase. MVRemix: Who are some of the producers out now that you are feeling?

Dwele is dope too. Oh, and my man Nicolay from the Netherlands is rather nasty as well. MVRemix: What is your relationship with technology? MVRemix: Do you have a favorite musical instrument? Science Fiction: The Rhodes. If he could just walk off on dame n biggs well u get my drift. Bey loves him. Thats real. But just business for jay's fudge packing pillow biting ass. Shit he shows ye more affection lol. This was not a good look for her. She should have just performed on Sunday and kept it moving.

If she ignored this "controversy" this long, why address it now? I wasn't going to watch the half time performance but my sister is a under cover Beyonce shit stain or maybe even hater.

I'll be at her house so it will be on and I know now not ever to change the channel when she is looking at Beyonce. Found out the hard way when she was look at the one of her hotel performance. Can't remember which hotel but things got ugly and my mama got called LOL.

Glad she admitted it! She did it out of laziness not perfectionism. For this error on her part I think her career will forever be overshadowed by this event.

Lip syncing is common in the music industry to sell gimmicks not at presidential inaugurations. Get your ish together BeyNilly! Bey is just stock Jay Z invested in. Invest in the stock thats making the most money then watch it carefully for a few years. If it does good invest more. If the stock starts to decline slowly start pulling your funds and investing in something else. But never going all in bcuz stocks are risky n u dont want to take the loss. This way if the stock goes belly up u still lose nothing.

It's just so very disgusting how this female bows down to legitimate criticism of her over the top antics that really doesn't need any more attention than it already has received. Why would anyone that is supposed to be so huge of a star give a damn about people who aren't apart of your fanbase. If your fans that support you are cool with your bullshit then why give a fuck about what the others think.

Whenever I go out with you I find out something new. The super bowl is about the teams playing for a champions why the fucking focus on this matter is beyond ridiculous. This selfish bitch only cares about her career and image.

She loves to hog the spotlight just like she did with the presidential inauguration now she is going to do it at the super bowl. So now the super bowl about this pussy popp weave wagging same tired performance from Beyonce? Beyonce your too late with this shit. Like always! Bitch you could of issue a simple statement and an apology the day after you got caught!

Then called it a day. Doing this press conference is like putting salt on an open wound. Bitch people are done with your fake ass trying to be extra to pretend like your shit dont stank! Your arrogance and attitude stink Beyonce! This bitch is unbelievable her ego is gonna kill what's left of her career. Someone please call Matthew Knowles stat to help this girl for real! Kendrick Lamar over cheer!

Who is this person? Are they any good I'm always open to new sounds. I mean y address negativity n prove something to non fans but ignore the demands of the fans who actually spend money on u n turn on their caps lock to cuss at every stranger who talks about u on every blog all day long. What about them? Wheres some new material for them?

Wheres blue? DC reunion? Please its greed. She knows the stans aint going nowhere so now she is working on convincing the rest of us. N its not working. People admire honest n genuineness. N bey doesn't embody either of those things. U dont have to know someone personally to detect sincerity. Mary j Blige. Mariah Real. Ppl cant relate to u wen ur not genuine.

I understand i really do. Ur awesome at wat u do n it has paid handsomely. U are afraid to do something different because u dont know how it will be received. But if ur stans love u they will still love u n u might just gain a few new ones.

Do something new or take a break. Either that or force the public to force u out. Take the high road bey n fall back til u can think of what u want to do next. Isn't it something how this is not the first or even third time Beyonce has done something that needed explanation.

She would normally ignore and never respond to what her black audience wanted her to clear up. Going as far as trying to sing live the National Athem, then sarcastically asking the crowd Something in the buttermilk ain't clean.

It was the fact she didn't sing live at the Inauguration. HER show was the priority, period. Then sing the The Star Spangled Banner exactly the way it was written. No fudging, hit those high notes without working your way up to them and drawing out the notes for 10 fuxking seconds.

Sing it the way it was originally written not an easy song and maybe I'll be a bit impressed. People keep mentioning that Matthew needs to return to Beyonce and help her out. First of all Matthew is as shady as they come, so does this mean Beyonce will only remain at the top of her game if Matty and his shady shenanigans help her? Matthew hurt a lot of people throughout the yrs in order to make her rich and famous.

So not only is Bey phony and fake, but she needs someone with Matthew's shady character to help her prosper. The time she spent posting pictures of sheet music n recording equipment n recording a pre recording couldve easily been used to rehearse.

Excuses are the tools of the weak n incompetent which build monuments of nothingness. Beyonce is such a slow LIAR. Don't ask her a question she didn't rehearse the answer to for a year straight.

The other thing that annoys me is the fact she felt the need to address this at a press conference. Bitch who are your trying to convince? Cause her Stans will drink her Koolaid at the drop of the hat like Jim Jones zombie followers!

This bitch cares about pleasing folks and pretending as if her shit don't stank. Be real Beyonce stop trying to fool the public into your fake lies. She is so dumb to realize the drama was not an issue if you can sing or not Beyonce. Everyone knows you can sing the best in the business we can dispute , the issue people are psst about is the lying and passing off as if she is working so hard blah blah blah. Beyonce plan to lip synch for her life. She is selfish period She had time to go at a press conference to sing live to focus on herself.

The Super Bowl was much more important because it was solely focusing on her instead of the presidential inauguration that was focusing on President Obama and his family and the direction of the country.

Beyonce sweetie where are your priorities!?! Your a fake sweetheart and the world see the selfish egotistical maniac you've become Beyonce.

White folks are finish with this lying fraud. We all been saying this for years Serious question, what do you all want from this woman? I can't believe the readers here are this emotionally invested in every move she makes. Beyonce, Great job you were humble but in charge! The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Beyonce I hope your mother is reading these comments Tina loves gossip. Your new song better be on point so you can show them why you still here!

None of that RTW give them something the radio stations can't help but play. Make them put that shit on repeat. That shit even had me getting mad every time I heard it and I'm a fan lol. We are the consumers n last i checked supply n demand is how the system works.

Well i cant speak for anyone else but i would like her to just be relaxed n revamp her whole entire style n music or either take a break. N i would like her to stop the overexposed media sensationalism being crammed down our throats.

Thats all relative to her as an artist not her personal life so i think its pretty fair to voice my opinion. But i do agree some ppl take it too far. But then again so do the stans. It comes wit the territory n she made enough money to either take it or leave it at this point.

Beyonce is a puppet to the elite and her haters yet she ignores her stans who buy numerous CD. Anything we say and bytch about Beyonce corrects it besides going away and getting rid of that raggedly blonde mop on her head.

We made Jay start showing her PDA, we made her show her baby, we made her show it was real, we made her attempt to prove her pregnancy, we made her join social media, we made her open up more, anything we say it's corrected. We pull her strings more than anything Suggestions anyone? She need to stop letting people control her, her haters anyway!

She's been in this game way too long for her not to have made any artistic progress in any form music, image, branding. The problem for her now is that her "Perfect Patty" image is crumbling and she has nothing to fall back on.

Tracy Do you think Beyonce sold her soul? Do you think a soul can be sold? Madpinkcutie Beyonce fan since 97" PM Solange go to bed!! All her DC fans had grown up, went to collge, got marry and had babies os a fan since 97, only if you are retarded or paid to comment. Where is Necole from Ipad? Didn't she sing the anthem during the Super Bowl when Janet showed her boobs? If so, she's trying to make up for that also. I just remember Janet. How does the president feel about you singing this anywhere for anybody?

This was supposed to be a special moment for him on his day , you gave it away and made a media circus of his inauguration! You raised some great points, but I sometimes feel she can't win for losing with some people. Take the baby-gate for instance. People were complaining about her not showing her belly, saying she hide something to hide. Some time later, she revealed a belly still from her HBO documentary.

The next complaint was she needed to show her belly in her 3rd trimester.

Nov 05,  · Critical made this sick beat and let me rap over it. ceilivargeraftplan.quidwiddispinihungsofortwespasiteg.co lyrics let me set this straight im not some wangster rapper a.

9 thoughts on “If This Rap Shit Dont Pay - Ciecmate - Pre-Emptive Strike (CD, Album)”

  1. In the lead up to my forthcoming album GAME OVER I decided to put together this mixtape. It's a collection of the songs that won't make it onto the official album, with some I had stashed away, and a few bootlegs and b-sides thrown in for good measure. Dropping February CIECMATE & NEWSENSE - A TALE OF 2 CITIES/5.
  2. Ciecmate - Pre-Emptive Strike - ceilivargeraftplan.quidwiddispinihungsofortwespasiteg.co Music. Skip to main content Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Try Prime Cart. CDs & Vinyl Go Search Hello.
  3. BTE - CIECMATE - Pre Emptive Strike (Mixtape) $ In the lead up to the release of Ciecmate and Newsense 'A Tale Of Two Cities' and Ciecmate's debut solo album 'Game Over' comes 'Pre Emptive Strike' The mixtape of songs that won't make the album and assorted goodies. 6 Original Songs, 6 Bootlegged Gems.
  4. Pre emptive Strike (Mixtape) by CIECMATE, released 25 October 1. Mind Games 2. Milk (Ft GARGOYLE) 3. If This Rap Shit Don't Pay 4. Make Munne 5. Don't 6. Any Road To Get Over 7. Who Comes Up Trumps 8. Quality Sound 9. Bird Of Prey 4th Chamber Anti Social Anthem Honourable Mentions.
  5. Preemptive Strike is the first compilation album by American hip hop producer DJ Shadow, released by Mo' Wax on January 13, It contains DJ Shadow's singles released by Mo' Wax between and It peaked at number on the Billboard ceilivargeraftplan.quidwiddispinihungsofortwespasiteg.co: Instrumental hip hop, trip hop.
  6. Pre-emptive Strike By Hit By A Car. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Pre-emptive Strike. Featured on Don't Poop In My Mouth and Tell Me It's Raining. More by Hit By A Car. More Hit By A Car. Listen to Hit By A Car now. Listen to Hit By A Car in full in the Spotify app.
  7. Ciecmate - Pre-Emptive Strike [CD]の通販なら -Dig Around Records (ディグアラウンドレコード)- CD ALBUM(CDアルバム) If This Rap Shit Don't Pay Make Munnee Don't Featuring – Para Any Road To Get Over Who Comes Up Trumps Quality Sound (Bigger Than Brutal Remix) Featuring – Diem, Newsense
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Strike It Up (Remixed) on Discogs. Label: RCA - PD ,Deconstruction - PD • Format: CD Single • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: House, Euro House.

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