Music For Reikie Part 3

The music is dark in some places, uplifting in others, See More while there are breaks of silence in other places. It flows and ebbs, feels like you are losing concept of space and time. It will be available without ads by the end of the week on my Bandcamp page. The link is below. Like Like. Download Embed. Info Live Chat Comments Music , ambientmusic , iheartradio , luminary , massagemusic , meditationmusic , newage , newagemusic , reikimusic , relaxationmusic , seclusion , sleep , soundhealing , soundscapes , soundtherapy , spiritualmusic , spotify , spreaker , stitcher , yoga , yogamusic.

Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation. A evolving soundscape of calm peaceful synthesizers being looped Diana, if you need any information regarding Reiki, please feel free to contact me. Dear Helen, Thank you for this very clear presentation of the tradition of Reiki healing and training. If I were closer to you geographically, I would love to have a session. Thanks so much for reading and for your comments. You can still experience a session of distant healing, which, too, is very powerful.

Some years ago I was part of study conducted by a psychology student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She was looking into psychosomatic changes that may or may not take place with energy healing. Some practitioners worked on selected patients hands-on, others were asked to send healing energy at a distance. I was given the names and photographs of 2 patients and was required to send Reiki healing to them at particular times on particular days of the week for a period of a couple of months.

The patients in question went to a lab space at the University and were hooked up to monitors during the sending process.

I was not permitted to communicate with either of the patients during the time of the study, but was allowed to talk to them after the study was through. This, because I informed the psychologist that I get a lot of data during a session and usually make recordings of my observations which I mail to the patient.

When the study was over, I mailed my recordings to the psychologist, who, in turn, gave it to the respective patients. One of them had no physical reasons for ailments that were manifesting physically, and I was able to give her much psychological data regarding the roots of her discomfort.

She called me, very upset by what I had to tell her and quite angry. But as we talked, she began to cry and finally admitted that what I had uncovered was, in fact, true. I recommended her to a Reiki III student I had just initiated, who lived in Santa Cruz, and reminded her that if her system did not want to be healed, it would not have revealed so much to me.

The second patient was a man with RA. Let me remind you, I am not the healer. Or, perhaps, I would be more correct in saying that I, alone, am not the healer. The act of healing is a participatory act between Universal Energy, the practitioner and the patient. Read my comments to Charles on my Reiki practice. Your email is never published nor shared. Skip to content. If you like it, please share it. This track repeats every eight minutes, which makes it suitable for timed meditations or healing sessions.

The bell that starts each track is a little high in pitch, which may make it difficult to use for sleeping, but there are other tracks that can be used for this purpose. The flute creates a natural sounding improvisation. This is an excellent track for relaxation and sleep and is highly recommended. It is held together well by harp, choir, and meditative flute. There are frequent bubbling sounds as well as wooden percussion instruments. The dolphin sounds are varied and similar to those of birds.

While there are many layers, this track is mixed very well so that no voice is overpowering. While the music in this recording is non-metered and contains nice melodic material, the background drone is not completely in tune with the melody instruments, which may make it more difficult for some trained ears to listen to.

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