Teach Me Equals - Knives In The Hope Chest (Vinyl, LP)

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Classic Graphics. Minuteman EL. Khe Sanh Veteran. Golden Eagle. Grim Reaper. What to look for in good filework: Crisp clean design, not washed over by too much buffing Regular, punctuated spacing, a nice design concept No faceting of cuts where a cut has two angles because of file movement Cuts on both sides matching Depths of cuts matching Convex cuts as well as concave file cuts it takes most knifemakers a while to get good at this Advanced filework is graduated; it gets smaller in size and spacing as the tapered tang gets smaller in width Filework does not regularly extend deep into the grind at the tip, as this would weaken the tip of the point Filework on fine knives may extend inside the choil, and often inside milled slots, holes, and blade perforations Matching filework on guards, bolster edges or other components where applicable I keep a pattern book of my most favorite designs, and I offer three lengths of filework: Blade only : just the spine from the knife tip to the ricasso.

Where the thumb or forefinger can get some purchase on the blade Spine only : from the tip to the butt of the handle, top only Full : from the tip to the choil, all the way down the blade, around the tang, and ending in an often sculpted choil Filework and edgework for folding knives is a bit different.

Gemini Twins. More about this Elysium. More about this Thuban. What's this Weird Square Inch Calculation? Jay Hi Jay, Very impressed with your work - knives and website and everything, I was just visiting your website for the first time in my live and wow!

Best regards, Florin Chelaru Toronto, Canada Here is the reason I've mentioned this: Engravers can be good or bad, they can be trustworthy or crooked. Here's how it's supposed to work: A square inch is technically and mathematically defined as a square area having two perpendicular sides each one inch long. Raptor Kerambits.

Macha Navigator. Tharsis Intense. More about this Aeolus. More about this Gemini. Machine engraving Machine engraving is done by machine, a computer driven X-Y-Z axis tool. Please click on thumbnail photos below: El Tanin. Macha PSD. Hooded Warrior. USMC Bulldog. Pecos II. How is my engraving different?

It was once said that "Any style that is not boring is a good style. Mercury Magnum. What if I want to supply my own artwork for engraving the knife? The chances are very good that the image submitted is copyrighted. This is a serious issue, and I do not take it lightly. There simply is no way to not violate someone's intellectual property rights when representing it on a blade, and all images, including photographs, are legally protected from the moment of their creation.

The only options are written permission from the creator of the image, using copyright-free images from historical sources, or to create the image myself.

Image transference has limitations. This means adapting an image from a drawing or photograph to metal. I've rarely seen any face, animal, or person's image that when engraved on a piece of metal, actually looks like the image. There are some fine engravers out there, for certain, who can get close, and I know they'll disagree with me, but when an image is carved into metal, it takes on a much different representation than a photograph.

A photograph will be many orders of magnitude in greater detail, tonality, and resolution than an engraving, so to pull off an accurate representation of something like a face is nearly impossible with the limited size, cuts, lines, and points of hand-engraving.

When you see the image in a photograph, from a distance, it might look good, but when you look at it close up, it might not look so good. It's not my style. This is my personal preference. I like the bold, striking representational imagery of geometric forms, lines and curves. At some point, I may hand-engrave more submitted graphic images, but currently, it is not in my interest.

I also prefer to choose the style, arrangement and form that I engrave on a blade, bolster, or fitting. Call it artistic license, and by picking the designs myself, I can match the flavor of the piece overall. I might not think the engraving will be presentable.

Though a client may ultimately own the knife, it will forever have my name on the blade. If I don't think the engraving will look good, and compliment the knife, the artist, and the owner, I will decline the design. While there are standards in the world of knives, I strive for original and unique conceptual art.

There are many designs, images, and even styles of engraving that have been repeated over the decades until they are stale, and I'm guilty of doing a few of those myself. Now, I'm at a point in my work where I don't want to get pigeonholed in a specific pattern, style, or image set. The project will be worth more, have greater interest or value, and be a standout piece if it has a fresh and imaginative design. The design may not look good engraved in stainless steel.

Austenitic and martensitic stainless steels are my preferred engraving materials. While other engravers may have no problem making this kind of cut in mild steel, nickel silver, or brass, stainless steel presents challenges that may prohibit a good, clean, even, and crisp design from being executed well. This is one of the reasons most engravers will not touch stainless steel. Stainless steels take specialized equipment, gravers, techniques, and geometries to cut. I believe that hand-engraved stainless steels will ultimately have the highest value, because of the difficulty of execution and the almost indefinite longevity and durability of the material with no care or pampering.

Personal engraving may devalue the investment potential of a knife. When a knife has a highly personal image or a person's name engraved on it, usually only the person commissioning the engraving values it.

This makes the knife very hard to resell, perhaps impossible depending on the image or text. The same goes for animals. A knife may be of great value, but when you engrave an elephant, lion, or tiger on the blade or bolster, it may limit the interest in the knife substantially to hunters of big game.

Even if the image is not hunting-related, some images might even offend others, like nudes. I want to be able to show my work and display it on the website, for all to see. Please consider carefully if a knife is ever to be resold, and how personal text or graphics may prevent this!

Please read the next section for more details on personalized etching and engraving! Please click on thumbnail photos Altair. Rio Grande. More about this Procyon. More about this "Bulldog". More on Personalized Engraving and Etching "Personalized" engraving is permanently marking metal with either machine engraving or hand-engraving. If a person's name is permanently marked into the blade, it can't be removed without ruining the knife blade.

The depth of permanent marking prevents this, and the geometry of the grind where the etching or engraving is placed will be altered enough to significantly change the blade. On most of my knives, this will simply ruin the geometry, thickness, and surface of the steel. No matter what the circumstances, the only person who the knife will appeal to is the person whose name is on the knife, and no one else.

A knife that is personalized will be, for the most part, unsalable. Consider that the substantial investment of the knife will not be recoverable , no matter how dire the circumstances or needs, and that the knife will be permanently unmarketable. On secondary markets, you'll never see these knives for sale for this reason.

Dealers will not touch them. This is why I generally discourage specifically personalized knives. Celtic artwork, but not personalized: More about this "Darach". What about sole authorship and engraving another maker's knives? More about this Talitha. Is embellishment just for metal? Please click on thumbnail photos Bulldog. What about millwork or holes in blades? There are several reasons for this practice: Weight Reduction : to reduce mass in areas of the knife where the strength of the blade won't be compromised.

If a knife blade has a large portion of particularly thick and heavy spine, the knife may be blade-heavy , and feel out of balance. Milling and drilling in this area removes excess material, and if machined correctly with proper stress reduction in heat treating, conserves strength in the spine.

Skeletonized: These are special knife blades that have had major portions handle or blade milled away in a useful, decorative, artistic, or functional form. This allows a very light weight knife, the main reason for the process. In our skeletonized line , combat knife weights can be reduced by as much as half.

Embellishment: sometimes weight reduction may work with a decorative motif, and often this motif may extend into other parts of the knife such as the pin arrangement in the handle or filework and edgework.

Sometimes the milling is followed by hand filework for a fully carved effect. Attachment holes : Milling of slots and holes through bolsters and the blade allow for the attachment of rings, thongs, or lanyards for security purposes and accessories. Vacuum breakers: To break the vacuum actually surface tension when cutting wet material like food, so that it won't stick to the blade, holes, grooved areas, ground areas, or milled areas help to allow air between the blade and product being cut, aiding in the release from the blade.

This is more common on Chef's, kitchen, and food prep knives. Finger rings: for extra security, usually in tactical or combat knives, an arrangement of one or more finger rings is milled in the handle. The edges should be dressed. The largest finger or thumb is usually well under one inch in diameter, so one inch seems to be a good, comfortable size. My view is that in tactical knives you do not want the knife to leave the hand, period, and if it did, it might end up in the enemy's hand.

I can see no circumstance other than involvement of the knife with heavy mechanical equipment where this might be a problem. And if you have to hang your weigh by the knife blade, things have gone to hell already, and perhaps you'd better hang on!

Mechanical slots: These are necessary in mechanical knives such as folders, drop blades, and slip blades where the shape of the milling is designed into the blade arrangement for movement, locking, and accessory use. Cannelures or Fullers: These are milled areas usually found in the spine of blades, particularly swords and long daggers.

Their purpose is to remove excess weight from the blade while preserving strength. They are not blood grooves as many Americans call them. The milling creates an I-beam type of cross section in the blade, which limits lateral flexion the side to side bending of a flat blade , without needing the extra weight of the full thickness of the spine. Sinister uses: In the days of old, milled cuts and drilled holes in the blade, called piercework , were used to hold poisons of the time, causing infections and suffering to those cut by the blades.

I do not recommend this practice Please click on thumbnail photos Milling: Cannelure. Milling: Piercework. Weight Reduction Milling. Lanyard Attachment Milling. Milling: Shackle Breaker. Milling: Fingerhole. Milling: Vacuum Breaker. Milling: Decorative. Milling: Weight. Milling, Multipurpose. Artistic Design Milling. Milling: Mechanism. Copyright by The Jay Fisher Company. All rights reserved. Learn more. Jay Fisher - Fine Custom Knives Welcome to the largest, best, most detailed knifemaker's website in the world!

New to the website? Start Here Home Page. Tactical Knives for Sale. Knife Anatomy. My Patterns. Knife Blades. Knife Sheaths. My Gemstone Knife Handles. What I Do and Don't Do. Where's My knife, Jay? Top 22 Reasons. Featured Knives Pages. Counterterrorism Knives. Military, Combat, Tactical Knives. Chef's and Kitchen Knives.

Email Jay Fisher. How To Order.

The duo moved onto the road with a camper in July of and toured through June on their first album, "Knives in the Hope Chest," officially released 9/ They began collaborating with Vern Rumsey (Unwound) via his solo project, "RedRumsey," and .

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  1. Order your own copy of Teach Me Equals' "Knives in The Hope Chest" LP and receive the limited edition first pressing on vibrant bruise-colored vinyl swathed in a full-color, gatefold jacket. Includes unlimited streaming of Knives in the Hope Chest via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
  2. Sep 11,  · TEACH ME EQUALS is raising funds for Teach Me Equals- Knives in the Hope Chest RELEASE/VINYL/TOUR on Kickstarter! ENDS TONIGHT PM EST!! Pledge for our album TODAY, download it TOMORROW, and get an advanced copy shipped to your door!
  3. Teach Me Equals: Knives In The Hope Chest: Mix/Master: Minorlit Records: Teach Me Equals/Red Rumsey: Split: Master: Dischord Records: Teach Me Equals: Fix History: Master: Wild Klamath Records: Teach Me Equals: Knives in the Hope Chest: Master: Minorlit Records: Lazy: Don't Die 7" Record/Mix/Master: Volar Records: Lazy: Goodbye Boozy 7" Record.
  4. Buy Record/Vinyl $16 USD or more Knives in the Hope Chest. Sep Live at Element Studios. Jan Swallow the Smoke. Nov listen after listen, we just cannot get enough Teach Me Equals. go to album. If you like Teach Me Equals, you may .
  5. RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals by RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals, released 02 December 1. RedRumsey - Big House 2. Knives in the Hope Chest. Sep Live at Element Studios. Jan Swallow the Smoke. Nov less harrowing side of Phew’s sound Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 2, go to album. The Quiet Ones by The Quiet Ones.
  6. Teach Me Equals Formed in , Teach Me Equals is Greg Bortnichak (cello, sequencing, vocals) and Erin Murphy (guitar, violin, vocals). Fix History, released 1. Cleo 2. PCV 3. So Much For Subtlety 4. Velvet 5. Bobbing For Apples 6. Judas Goat 7. Smooth Scrolling 8. Fix History.
  7. Label: Amherst Records - AMH,Amherst Records - AMH • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Gatefold • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Non-Music • Style: Interview, Spoken Word, Easy Listening.

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